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" The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into Union that which has been made separate”

 Bert Hellinger


Indigenous peoples have always known that to heal the present and the future we must make peace with the past. We are a part of systems of energy including our family of origin. Family and Systemic Constellations explore and address generational patterning, as brought forth by Bert Hellinger this is a tool to open up to the wisdom of our systems and experience shifts in our patterns on a deep level.


When we gather to do this work, we open to the wisdom of the collective (group) field within the context of Constellations (a phenomenological process).  Family and Systemic Constellation work is a transformative practice sourcing from the wisdom of the ancestors and the collective field to shift generational patterning and allow us to open more to the flow of love and support that is here for us. This is the powerful "Family and Systemic Constellation" work as defined by Bert Hellinger inspired by his many years of work with Zulu tribes and as a psychotherapist and drawing from Stephen Victor's offerings in the" Fields of Grace and Wisdom" and nourished by Gwendolyn's medicine bag cultivated in over 25 years of Shamanic and Sacred Movement practices.


This is an experiential process that taps into and allows for shifts in the core entanglements that block one from fully stepping into and living their own life.  This work and practice cultivates a deep and compassionate way of being with ourselves and with others, "loving what is", and opens us up to collective wisdom and healing in powerful and life affirming ways.


Integration Constellations build off the foundations of our strengthened roots, through the work of family system constellations, and are focused on embracing all of our internal aspects of being. As we do that we move towards and live from a place of more coherence and integrity.

Testimonials from Participants in Constellations with Gwendolyn

"Gwendolyn Terra and her family constellation work has helped me to feel more powerful, and more grateful for my family.   She helped me shift patterns in my lineage from negative to positive.  I feel more confidence, knowing my family is 'behind me'.  Gwendolyn also helped me acknowledge people who had been ignored in the family system.  This relieved some emotional burdens I was carrying.  Recommended for anyone who wants to experience more energy, freedom & healing in their life!"  ~Kathy Kali, Ashland OR

“I was recently asked in a private message to share some of my experience doing constellation work. As written in the intro, it is an experience... hard to put into words but I will do my best.

I met Gwendolyn on a dance floor in Encinitas. She crafted music magic for me to shake rattle and roll into that trance space between time and space, between my self and the divine, between me and my thoughts. As an engineer, I live in my head... as an agnostic pagan... I have trouble letting go. Gwendolyn gave me a tool to reach a truly first trancesendental experience. When she invited me to go deeper with constellation work, all I could say was hell-yes!

I have done medium/large (~12 people) and small constellations (1-2 people). All have been powerful. At first, the participants came together to ground into the earth and ask for earth-guidance of whose family story we would embody. That person is asked to witness while the group individually takes on (embodies) roles and relationships collaboratively identified by Gwendolyn and the individual. The humans embodying these pieces of the constellation Interact, reject, embrace and block each other (you'll get it when you do it). Meanwhile Gwendolyn weaves in and out of our energetic field, asking how things may shift or why they are blocked or where one is drawn.... She holds the web in a safe container. This aspect of Gwendolyn's space holding is vital for my continued participation. I am highly empathetic and I frequently get drawn into young child roles - my own healing work. I have related to mother/father/significant other/ancestors in all types of relationships. I have healed little pieces of my own energetic system in each constellation... always being able to go slightly deeper in the next. even from within another's life story.

This work can be terrifying and invigorating-it is an experience of highs and lows. But one I keep coming back to."

Freya  in Oceanside, CA





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