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"In-Body-ment. Meaning you chose this body to create through, to explore through, to love through, to feel through. You are meant to occupy this sacred space. Feel your feet on the Earth, the creation in your pelvis, the vast power and potential in your heart, your insights in your mind, your undeniable connection to the Earth and spirit. You have the power to make change happen but you must get in this vehicle all the way to know just how preciously powerful you are.”    Acacia Land

Soul In-Bodyment

Living Your  Fullest Expression as a HeArtist Co-Creating with Life

2019  Heart Mentorship Connective with Gwendolyn Terra

Deep-IN-ing the Roots of  Connection * Organic Transformation*  INtegrating the Light withIN

Consciously Growing an Abundant, Heart INspired New Life and World

with a Powerful Circle of Conscious Co- Creators.

Are You Ready to Receive and Live a More Joy Full, Abundant, Heart Led, Inspired Life?

Now is the time to Fully Align with the Soul with- IN and Co-Create with all of Life!

and It is much easier and more fun when we step out of the patterns of isolation  into Co-Creation together!!!

The Mentorship Connective is a Circle of HeArtists and Heart  “Field” Explorers and Guides on the Awakening path who choose to journey with Gwendolyn  and each other to grow and to truly IN-body and Live their Inner Light and Fullest Expression and Gifts,  to Cultivate their Capacity to Listen to the Wisdom of Source withIN,  to Support themselves, each other, and their family, friends, and community in this Heart led way.
This will be a collective exploration in Soul IN-Bodyment Practices, Integration Constellations, Sacred Movement and Earth Body Wisdom, drawing on the energetic tools and practices that Gwendolyn has gathered and developed to support Herself and others on this Inspired Living path,  the Heart and Life Wisdom of each participant in this group, and the Knowing Field that connects us all.  This is a Path, a Way of Living and Being in Aligned Relationship with ourselves and our world  and an Opening to Grow and Live an Inspired and IN-Bodied Spiritual Life.
In this Heart expanding Journey Together We will:

  • Tap Into our INner Essence and allow the Gift we Are to Activate and Shine more in our Daily Living.

  •  Cultivate our Mystic Wisdom through the  Potent Elements of Focus/Flow, Intention/Attention, and Vertical and Horizontal time.

  •  Grow our Capacity to Cultivate Intimacy and Expand our Heart Connections with-IN ourselves, with others and in our Relationship with the Earth and Source.

  •   IN- train and In-Body this Deeper Way of Being in Flow in the World.

  •   Activate and Share our Fullest Expression in the world with the Support of this Circle

  •  Explore the Roots of Connection through the practice of constellations and systems theory.  

  •  Experience and Learn the energetic practice of  Integration Constellations and other Soul In-Bodyment Practices and Awareness tools  designed to grow ourselves, our community and our world in more Conscious and Heart centered ways. 

  •  Learn and Practice  Core Group Energetics and How to Cultivate powerful Group Co-Creation and Transformations with others.

  •    and much more as the Mystery moves through us as a collective...     

If you are wanting to lead journeys into the Collective Heart realms with Individuals and/or Groups, this Mentorship  Circle is designed to support you energetically through direct experience of the Heart Fields and ReINtegration of your internal landscape,  experientially with practices in listening and offering support in a deeper way and  specific awareness tools of patterns  within families and other systems and how to support others in moving and growing consciously within those realms.
Completion of this Commitment will give an energetic, structural  and experiential  understanding of the realms of Heart “Field” work (including  Constellations) and will support you in sharing these tools in service in the world.

This offering is for those who want to bring the wisdom and gifts of the lineage and practice of Integration Constellations  and the Energetic and Sacred Movement tools and wisdom Gwendolyn has gathered on her Spiritual journey into their lives in a deep way and in their work in the world in whatever way it truly serves.


"Courage is the measure of our heartfelt participation with life, with another, with a community, a work, a future. To be courageous, is not necessarily to go anywhere or do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences. To be courageous is to seat our feelings deeply in the body and in the world: to live up to and into the necessities of relationships that often already exist, with things we find we already care deeply about: with a person, a future, a possibility in society, or with an unknown that begs us on and always has begged us on. Whether we stay or whether we go - to be courageous is to stay close to the way we are made. " David Whyte

Do you feel the call to be a Heart Inspired Leader?
If you want to Apprentice with Gwendolyn to Facilitate groups in the  practice of Integration  Constellations and Soul In-Bodyment Practices  in a more supported way,  completion of  this full offering will serve as the Initial Training Ground and  the Foundation to offer this work in  the world.   The completion of this full immersion (details below), which includes over 60 hours of work in the Heart Field and trainings is the Foundational Level.

To fully be certified in Integrations Constellations and Soul-In-Bodyment practices with Gwendolyn, You will need to complete this Foundations Level course and   you will need to attend a 7 day Soul In-Bodyment Retreat with Gwendolyn (dates TBA — Summer 2019).  
In addition you will need to schedule a  group event - lab with Gwendolyn ( and /or her designated support person) and and receive a successful facilitator evaluation by Gwendolyn and her support team to be certified as a Soul In-Bodyment/ Integration Constellations Facilitator.  

Please let her know in your letter of Intention/Application if this is what you are calling in.
Your Commitment and Fuel for this journey..
As a participant in this intimate group you are agreeing to attend both of the In Person  Modules  and the monthly group calls (as much as possible, they will be recorded). We will be having a Facebook Chat group which is a great way to keep the connections growing.  You are committing to honor yourself  and your participation with others with Respect.  Recognizing that life does constantly change, if you need to change this agreement, you are owning your responsibility to communicate with Gwendolyn/ and the group if you are unable to attend any part of this.

*Within each of the 3 day Modules, there will be a one day Heart Field Immersion on Saturday which will be open to the Public and a great way to share this work with friends and family. The mentorship group will meet before and after to explore deeper into the practice and  as a Learning tool  for Integrating this work on a deeper level.  The week-long program will be open to the public and opportunity for participants to support others in this practice.

You Commitment and Money exchanged Includes:
 Participation in  Both of the Modules which will take place in Austin, TX
Dates for the Heart Mentorship Collaborative 2019


Soul In-Bodyment

Heart Mentorship Connective( HMC)
Module 1  (March 2-4)
in Austin , TX
(value $800)
Foundations: Grounded Creation
Focus on Self Integration
Initiation / Conception/Birth/ Self Expression
HMC Module 2 ( May 17-19th)
(value $800)
in Austin, Tx
IN- Tune
Heart Weaving--- Web of Connection
Focus on Self and World
Collaboration/ Co-Creation/ Group Expression
Participants will be getting tools to practice before and between gatherings and to cultivate deeper awareness when we are together.

If you are on the path of Certification , We will also be scheduling a minimum of 2 Labs during this Period for  direct practice of this work led by participants with Gwendolyn and other Assistant teachers presence and support.
In addition...
Each member of this Collective will receive:

    5 monthly 90 minute group coaching calls -- to be scheduled/recorded, beginning in February. ($800 value)

     3 Bonus Training Calls with Special Guests to Learn More of the Structural tools for Self and Group Transformation ( $300)

     2   private individual sessions  90 minutes with Gwendolyn during this time ($500 value)

     5 Monthly 30 minute coach/consulting personal training  session with Gwendolyn  (this includes your Initial Intention coachingsession)     designed to support you in learning and applying this work in your world ($600 value)

     A FB closed group to share and grow together and share wisdom as we journey through this exploration together. ( $300)


as a BONUS!!   


If you Register By Jan 27th.

*Gwendolyn’s Newest Offering of  — Soul INtegration Practices -- an Online Course to be offered this Winter (value $300)

*Substantial discounts ( 20-50%!) on all other offerings in person and online with Gwendolyn during this time period.
Gwendolyn and you must both be a Yes to your Participation.
Gwendolyn is calling in a maximum Circle of 12 Committed Souls on the Spirit Path Ready to Explore in this deep way. If you feel the call to be a Part of this Powerful Collective please make your Deposit and offer your commitment energy to this powerful creation.

The value of this program is Priceless as it is a whole new way of being with your life and in the world!!
… the monetary exchange value is over $4000 if priced separately.

To participate in this Deep Heart Immersion and Creative Expansion the full money exchange for this opportunity to participate is $2500 paid in full (save over $1000 dollars!!)

  **Price does not include Lodging / Food /or Transportation**
These additional expenses will be the responsibility of each participant.
Payment plans are available.

I am offering an ***Extra  Special Payment in full price of $1800!** if you register by January 5th, 2019. --

 To get this price, please put a deposit of $300 down by January 5th and complete the questions for Your Letter of Intention. Then message Gwendolyn at 541-864-9296 to schedule a check in call to confirm that this is a YES for both of you.  Once that is confirmed the remaining amount is due in full for that discount

Payment Plan 1: $500 deposit  ($300 by  Jan 5th) plus 2 monthly payments of  $788   ( it will be be 2 payments of  $988 after the 3rd of Jan)

Payment Plan 2 $500 deposit ( $300 By Jan 5th) plus 5 monthly payments of $333   ( it will be 5 payments of  $444 after the 3rd of Jan)
If you feel a Yes and finances are the only reason you would say no, a few partial scholarships/work trades are available. Please speak with Gwendolyn Directly if you feel the Call and are ready to commit to this level of Transformation.

If you feel a YES to participate, a deposit of $300 and a letter of Intention (see below) must be submitted to Gwendolyn by the time we begin.  Our first group call will be on February 6th.

There are openings for a max of 12 Committed and Courageous Souls to Grow themselves and this New Way out in the World through  this  Collaborative.
Please note this deposit is non-refundable once Gwendolyn and you have agreed that you are a YES for this program. Payments will not be refunded after the mentorship program has begun.  Due to the small enrollment and intensive nature of this offering, once committed, you are responsible to complete your payments regardless if you complete the whole journey with the Collective.
Gwendolyn’s vision is to create and support more Heart  Inspired Leaders in the World to help grow a more Heart conscious, Earth honoring, and Authentic way of Living for all of us.
Thank you for being a part of growing this Path of the Heart in this world!

Are You Ready to say Yes to Living a Fully Inspired Life!
1)  Please make your $300 deposit or paypal to

2) take a moment to respond in detail to the following questions in your Letter of Intention for this Offering. Please take time to feel into your responses and Intentions, this will serve you on this path. Please email your Letter of Intention to

3) Gwendolyn will respond to each letter within 3 Business days for a conversation to confirm your participation.  Of course, if it is not a clear YES for participation your deposit will be refunded.

Letter of Intention
Please feel into and Answer these Questions for those who feel called to participate in The Heart Mentorship Collaborative

 What is inspiring you to say YES to working with Gwendolyn and others in this deeper way?

What is your heart calling for from this Journey?

What is your vision for yourself and Your Life in this year, what are you wanting to grow within this cycle of creation and what are you ready to grow out of?  Please Answer this for yourself and  in your relationships in the world...

What are you calling in and intending for your work, your service in the world?

What would you like to share and receive with/from this group of  Heart Field explorers?

What Modalities and Direct Experiences and /or Trainings have you had on your Journey to Connect with Spirit that you feel would serve this circle?
Are you Ready to Commit to Living your life in a more Conscious and Connected way ?

What are you resisting in this Commitment?
Be honest... this is where the growth is.

Have you Read the Commitments for Attending and Participation.?
Are you a Yes for all of them?
If not, what need to be addressed?

Acknowledgement and Clear Agreements are Key to Creating and Aligned life.

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