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Family/ Integration Constellations Gathering




in South Austin, TX

Address given with registration.

$50 advance by 1/27

$60 at the door

 I would be honored to have your presence in this circle if you feel called! We Co-Create this offering for ourselves and each other.

We will gather in Sacred Intentional space and Open to the Wisdom of the Heart field to meet these new times and see what want to be moved. All who participate will receive wisdom and healing in this practice.

Family/ Integration Constellation practices help us to see the deeper patterns that are part of our operating systems... sourcing from the life, family and cultural systems we are a part of. In this experiential format we Collectively Tune In, Listen, and Move on a Deeper Level Allowing for patterns to shift and to Open and Receive more Support on all levels.

To truly Create New ways, we must reflect on the ways we have been, how they have served and impacted, and find the life energy in the roots that can help us nourish the New energy that is coming in. Opening to the Dance of Co-Creation … Sacred Relating with all of life.

This is an experiential process that taps into and allows for shifts in the core entanglements that block one from fully stepping into and living their own life. This work and practice cultivates a deep and compassionate way of being with ourselves and with others, "loving what is", and opens us up to collective wisdom and healing in powerful and life affirming ways.

Integration Constellations build off the foundations of our strengthened roots, through the work of family system constellations, and are focused on embracing all of our internal aspects of being. As we do this we move from a place of more coherence and integrity as we Co-Create with Life.

Please contact Gwendolyn to register and for more info

GWENDOLYN TERRA is an IN-Bodyment and Spiritual Guide, Systemic/Integration Constellations Facilitator and Sacred Heart Gardener ...Living and Guiding Organic Transformational, Heart Opening, Sacred Movement and Divinely IN-Spired Living Experiences for groups and individuals across the US and Internationally for over 25 years.

To register or for more info

contact her at 541-864-9296 or email

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