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Events with Gwendolyn Terra in the Austin, TX Area...


Weaving a New Story
Community Constellation Circle
with Gwendolyn Terra
private studio in South Austin

$33 advance by 11/15
$40 door ( is space is avail... must register for address)

Are You ready to Fully Open and Receive All the Support and Love that is here for you?

Are You Ready to Step into you Next Level…to Co-Create in more Alignment with all of who you are?

It is time for us to Weave a New Story
crafted out of the wisdom and resources that are here through what we have lived and grown...and through our Collective Heart.

These are the New Ways of Being and Relating… in Service to the Next level of Creating,

In this Weaving a New Story Community Constellation Circle  we will Cultivate a Collective Heart Field, Listen and Move ( In-Body)  the pieces that need our attention, gather the wisdom of what we have been given and Weave them into new configurations of Co-Creation . We will also learn some constellation practices to nourish our well being

Constellations are a practice of Collective Listening and Opening that cultivate profound awareness and deep shifts in the ways we are operating our lives, bringing forth more consciousness into our Family and all of our Systems— Reconfiguring Relating patterns (that we carry from earlier experiences and from our Ancestors) and nourish our capacity to fully open to Love and Support and Co-Create the Life we choose in the present.

Please register by clicking the links above and message or text 541-864-9296.

Gwendolyn Terra is a Sacred Relating, Somatic, and Systemic/Integrations Constellations Facilitator, and Soul In-Bodyment Guide.... she has been Generating and Guiding Organic Transformational Heart Opening, Sacred Movement and Divinely IN-spired Events,  Sacred Movement Journeys, Classes, Mentorships, and Sessions for Groups and Individuals across the U.S and Internationally for over 25 years.

She is a Grounded Spiritual Mentor and Soul In-Bodyment guide for Heart Leaders — Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Healers, Teachers and Guides on the Embodiment and Conscious Co-Creation path. As a Mystic Muse, Momma, and Sacred Movement Gardener she InBodies and Integrates all the gifts and wisdom she has received from all of her amazing teachers of Sacred Movement, Creativity, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Energy Me
dicine, Divination, a BA in Economics and Psychology, over 16 years of Group Field and Constellation Work and every Sacred Gathering she has been blessed to lead and/or be a part of.

Her Divine mission is to cultivate Sacred Spaces designed to Open our Hearts to the Blessings we are and to Nourish the Growth of our Humanity in more IN tuned ways with the Earth, our Spirit, and each other as we learn to live our Divinity in our Humanity.


Constellating and Crafting a New Story


w/ Gwendolyn Terra

11am -6 pm
private space East side

$160 Advance ( by 11/17)
$180 if space is available

*It is an additional  $200 if you want to be one of the focus clients-
includes a 45 minute pre-phone session.*

It is time for us to Weave a New Story
crafted out of the wisdo
m and resources that are here through what we have lived and grown...and through our Collective Heart.
In this Experiential Immersion we will be Exploring Essential Family/ Systemic Constellations, Group Healing practices, and Somatic Listening practices to support new ways of relating and Co-Creating with all of Life.
Are you Ready to Craft a New Story?
For Yourself?
with your Family?
Your Community?
For Our World?

In this gathering, we will work with the practices including Integration Constellations (as developed by Gwendolyn Terra) sourcing from the Constellation Essentials as brought forth by Bert Hellinger (and the wisdom he gathered including 15 years with Zulu tribes) and her teacher Stephen Victor, decades of Somatic Heart based Movement practices, and the wisdom of each gathering in the Heart Fields.

Would you like some tools for relating in new ways in these times more tuned in with the Life you are a part of and to Co-Create with Life from this Sacred Space?

This experiential immersion will take us deeper into the Layers and Patterns that keep us from Opening to Life we will explore somatic practices to nourish and support all of your Relating. We will explore Opening to more support and Love and deeper levels of Relatin
g and Healing.

The greatest teacher is the Embodied Listening to the Collective Heart Field we cultivate together… and we will be Constellating what is needing tending now so that we can move into the Next Steps and Levels of Co-Creation with Life in ways that align with our core values and from a place of Reverence for all life.

We will source these constellations through specific systems and they will offer us all an opportunity to expand our perception and heal our own systemic patterns. We need each other to shift the deeper layers.

Gwendolyn’s intention is to support us in deeper states of Compassion and Connection with the Life around us, where we can Open and Receive the Love and Support that is here and shift the patterns of relating that no longer serve us and reconfigure them in ways that support the world we are wanting to Co-Create. This happens through a deep collective listening to our Bodies, Hearts, the Earth and Spirit.
To register for this  event please text/call 541-864-9296 or


Private Family/Systemic Constellation Gathering




private studio in South Austin

$55 Advance by 11/15

$60 door if Space is Available ( must register)

We would be honored to have your presence in this circle if you feel called!

In this Sacred Constellation Gathering, we Co-Create this offering for ourselves and each other. We will be Sourcing from a Community member's System.

We will gather in Sacred Intentional space and Open to the Wisdom of the Heart field to meet these new times and see what want to be moved. All who participate will receive wisdom and healing in this practice.

Systemic/ Integration Constellation practices help us to see the deeper patterns that are part of our operating systems... sourcing from the life, family and cultural systems we are a part of. In this experiential format we Collectively Tune In, Listen, and Move on a Deeper Level Allowing for patterns to shift and to Open and Receive more Support on all levels.

To truly Create New ways, we must reflect on t
he ways we have been, how they have served and impacted, and find the life energy in the roots that can help us nourish the New energy that is coming in. Opening to the Dance of Co-Creation … Sacred Relating with all of life.

This is an experiential process that taps into and allows for shifts in the core entanglements that block one from fully stepping into and living their own life. This work and practice cultivates a deep and compassionate way of being with ourselves and with others, "loving what is", and opens us up to collective wisdom and healing in powerful and life affirming ways.

Integration Constellations build off the foundations of our strengthened roots, through the work of family system constellations, and are focused on embracing all of our internal aspects of being. As we do this we move from a place of more coherence and integrity as we Co-Create with Life.

For more info please email or text/call 541-864-9296.



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