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About Gwendolyn Terra ...


I am a humble human being walking the amazing and beautiful path of Spirit Full On and In!

I am here to create, inspire, and nourish those who are walking this path of fully Being Spirit In Body!!

I am a Woman, Mystic Muse, Momma, Sacred Movement Gardener, Integration and Family System Constellation Guide, and Independent Spiritual Movie Maker!

I am a humble human on the path, a daughter of this precious Earth,  and I am a Voice of Spirit ... I have been intentionally on this path for over 20 years and am gifted with the a well of wisdom sourced from years of practice and an amazing array of teachers and guides in the realms of Psychology, Spirituality, Sacred Movement and Ecstatic Dance, Shamanism, Heart Circles, Transpersonal and Family Systems Constellations. I have produced and guided hundreds of Heart Opening Transformational Conscious Movement practices and events across the U.S.

I offer experiential events including deeper immersions and retreats, transformational series, and individual consultations to those courageous souls who wish to explore with me and cultivate their capacity for Deep Collective Listening, Awakening Hearts , and to enhance and expand their Embodied Knowing... so that we can truly walk in our Divinity. I am a Constellator, I set Constellations, these gatherings of all sizes are offered for us to experientially let the voice of the Collective, the  "Knowing Field" move through us and allow for major shifts in our personal systems within, our family system and all the systems we are connected to. I am calling in a Collective of Heart Awakened Leaders who want to grow the practice of gathering in "the Fields" of the Heart and grow this practice of collective listening and deeper wisdom in the world.


... Yes We can listen to the deeper rhythms that flow through this Life... we are all connected in what has been called the "Knowing Field"... all of us... birds, fish, plants, trees , and yes us humans... A Constellation is a Sacred Heart gathering allowing  us to Consciously witness and participate in the unfolding patterns and currents that operate our lives... I also offer this wisdom in the form of Sacred Movement/ Dance Gatherings... where we drop in and listen to the life force in our bodies and embody the sacred vessel we are .... and for the Courageous among you I offer a mentorship program for those who want to go deeper and support each other in our Blooming and Expanding the Gift we are!

I would love to share this practice of Embodied Knowing and Deep Heart Listening with you ... are you ready... is your Heart calling for a fully lived life?


I would be honored to connect with you and see how I can support you on this journey!





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