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I offer a variety of opportunities to Open to the Beauty and Gift of Life we are . I would love to support you in Opening and Sharing the gift you are with support! Please contact Gwendolyn for more info and to participate in upcoming events.

Integration/Family System Constellations
Nourishing the Roots and the Integrity of Our Being.

Are You ready to Fully Open and Receive All the Support and Love that is here for you?


Constellation events are are a group exploration into the Mystery, a practice of Collective Listening and Opening that cultivate profound awareness and deep shifts in the ways we are operating our lives, bringing forth more consciousness in our Family and all of our Relationship dynamics and nourish our capactiy to fully open to Love and Support and Create the life we choose in the present.



Individual Sessions


Are you Ready to Embrace and Fully Express all of your Beauty?


Gwendolyn offers phone, skype, in person sessions (when available) to support your Path of Opening to the Spirit within.


In these sessions, sourcing from the Divine and a powerful energetic wisdom medicine bag you are guided in Sacred Heart space to help you energetically and physically clear patterns of Being that block you from receiving the gift of Life you are!  If you are really ready for a shift and expansion in your life, this work opens the door in a potent and nourishing way.


A Deeper Way-- Walking the Heart Path


Are You Ready to take this pratice more actively in the world and share it with others?


Gwendolyn offers deeper immersion days, series, weekends and retreats in the Heart Fields to open our capacity to fully live this way.


Gwendolyn also offers a mentorship for those who wish to explore this practice on a deeper personal level and to see how they can use it as a tool in their own lives and with those they work with. Her vision is to grow a Constellation Collective of Guides to offer more opportunities for us to listen and learn how to grow as a collective. Please contact her directly if you would like to be a part of growing this practice in the world.

Sacred Movement/ Dance Offerings

Are You Ready to Fully Love and Embody your Full Expression?


Gwendolyn's Sacred Movement gatherings source from her 20 plus years of Integrating the Divine within and deep Self - Love through dance and a diverse range of Playful, Sacred, and Ecstatic movement practices.  She offers series and events, Sacred Spaces for participants to embrace the beauty and wisdom of their bodies and to nourish and support all of us in sharing our full expression in the world. Through gentle guidance and deep listening, we will explore the support that is here for and in our bodies from the earth and the heavens cultivating the wisdom within, and with each other as we deeply love ourselves, integrate and express all of our beauty, and witness and support others as we bloom into our Radiant selves .


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