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Are You a HeARTist ?
Are You Ready to Craft a New Story ?

It is time.
It will take all of us
... Let's do it together
through our Sacred Voices, Hearts and Hands.

Heart and Soul Theatre
an Interactive Expressive Playshop
with Gwendolyn Terra

It is a little intense these days…nothing is certain. So much is shifting quickly, and we can’t do it by ourselves. Finding our way towards the New is key… We can do it, if we remember how to Play together…

Earlier peoples used theatre and storytelling to connect to the Mystery and Learn together…Using ancient practices with present day somatic and symbolic tools… In these offerings we will transform our old stories into the present and grow them into a future we can all say Yes to… We will play with the symbols, myths and stories that are still running underneath our world and bring New Life to them and write new ways of living and being, rooted in the deep Earth wisdom and Creative Inspiration.

It is time for our to fully Re-Member who we are. The remembrance of our power, the remembrance of our voice, the remembrance of our SOUL'S vision and wisdom. The energies are potent and transformation is happening. You may feel you are in the void, struggling with decisions and/or clarity of your path. You may be asked to transition into a whole new way of being and interacting with the world.

Reactivate your divine purpose and Experience the Living Oracle we collectively generate. through Sacred Play with Gwendolyn Terra, Mystic Muse, Integration Constellations and Divine Movements Guide as we step more full into our Hearts Expression and the Clarity within to fully Live our Personal gift and Create with others in New Ways in this lifetime!
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