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Soul IN Bodyment

an INvitation to Heart INSpired Living from Gwendolyn Terra



Are You Ready to Live the Beauty Way and INBody Your Divinity in Your Humanity?

Are You Ready to Fully Embrace Life From the Roots to the Branches and Fully Share and Express Your Gifts in this amazing unfolding Creation?


Are You Ready to Be Supported, and Unravel the patterns that are stuck in your life and Reweave new ones?

It is time! For all of us ... to fully be the Divine Human Beings we are...

Your Presence and Your Voice is Precious and Needed!!!! It is time for us to gather and allow the collective wisdom we are to help us learn from the past and inspire and support the new ways and forms as we Create the World our Hearts and our Humanity are calling for!

Are You IN???

Please join me IN this Journey to Deeper IN-Bodyment and Soul FULL Living  ...


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Are You ready to Fully Open and Receive All the Support and Love that is here for you?


Constellations are a practice of Collective Listening and Opening that cultivate profound awareness and deep shifts in the ways we are operating our lives, bringing forth more consciousness in our Family and all of our Relationship dynamics and nourish our capactiy to fully open to Love and Support and Create the life we choose in the present.

Is your heart calling for a fully lived life?


Gwendolyn Terra, humble woman and Momma on the path, Mystic Muse and Divine mover...


"I offer experiential events including deeper immersions and retreats, transformational series, and individual consultations to those courageous souls who wish to explore with me and cultivate their capacity for Deep Collective Listening, Awakening Hearts, and to enhance and expand their Embodied Knowing... so that we can truly walk in our Divinity"

Are You Ready to Take Your Part in Creation?


If you are called to be a part of growing new ways of being and are inspired to join Gwendolyn and others who are walking this Heart Conscious Path, you are invited to join those of us who are inspired to go deeper and cultivate a world led by the wisdom of our Hearts and Deeply listening to the Earth and the bigger fields of Energy that we belong to.  If you feel the call inside to share your gifts in this way, please join us for a sacred gathering. You presence is a gift!!!


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